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68                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

grand or rather gros monarque whom he represents.
Prince William Henry is created Duke of Clarence-
Brskine, the lawyer, having joked too severely
upon the poverty of his party, the Buffs and Blues1
sent him to Coventry; but upon proper repentance,
he was again received into the set, and asked Mr.
Fox if, having now made every necessary concession,
he might not hope to regain once more the confi-
dence of the party. " My dear fellow," answered
Fox, "your own confidence is enough to satisfy any
man; what can you want with any more ?st


Versailles, May loth, 1789.

I hope you received my letter to say Harry
had arrived safe and well. M. de Beauveau pre-
sented him to the Prince de Lambesc, and he
was almost immediately installed among the King's
pages. The education he will there receive is con-
sidered to be in every respect excellent. There is

i The Buffs and Blues, from the colours assumed by
the Whig party.